Arcona made  several versions of the initial content of the AR playgrounds

We remind you that Arcona has announced a creative competition for 3D artists. The works of the winners will be included in the collection of pre-installed content and available to all landowners of the ecosystem. Our team made several versions of the initial content of the playgrounds - AR \ VR portals, prepared for the launch of the world of augmented reality Arcona. These are topics such as "Wonderland", "Steampunk", "Futuristic", "Gambling" We would like to change the urban environment, filling it with unexpected adventures in a nearby street, where everyone can get a 100% exciting experience of total immersion in fantastic worlds! Here you can feel like a small Alice in Wonderland, j

Arcona announces a creative competition for 3D artists!

Create art objects, original interactive scenes, characters for the world of Arcona! We accept your work until August 18th. Three winners of the competition will be determined by direct voting of the project community. The project of the winners will be included in the pre-installed set of content that owners of digital lands Arcona will use to fill their sites. Winners of the competition will have the opportunity to open their own boutique on the Arcona Marketplace. The works of the winners will be presented in showrooms near the test sites - sandboxes. Here, ARViewer users will see and be able to buy content in augmented reality mode. Also, the winners will receive Digital lands for the

Arcona metaverse Digital land has been fully adapted for full-fledged trading on the peer to peer ma

We are pleased to announce that the Arcona metaverse Digital land has been fully adapted for full-fledged trading on the peer to peer market of OpenSea with the active support of this leading NFT exchange . Now it’s easier to buy, trade and bet on both unique plots and sets of land. Of course, according to our team, our tokens are now one of the most attractive and beautiful on this site =)

The Arcona team testing the section of P2P auctions

The Arcona Marketplace team prepares the section of P2P auctions where users will be able to put up for sale the lands. At present we test correctness of work of a server part and we invite everyone to help us to test new functionality in operation! Until the section P2P appeared in open access on the Marketplace portal, we create a special chat in Telegram. Here you will find the detailed instruction how to announce own auction and to bid. For the period of testing the transactions commission will be minimum. Your participation in tests of P2P auction will help us to find and eliminate all available errors in work of a backend, and considerably will accelerate introduction of this section o

AR Viewer is developed in all directions

And not only technical, but also visual component. Our designers already prepared basic elements of the interface. The polygonal style of registration is a light translucent texture with variety of geometrical figures and spatial models. This style does not distract on itself attention of the user. Simple color schemes in combination with various textures and gradients give to the interface dynamics. Today we present you some screens, and we will be glad to learn about your impressions

The internal tests of the user application ARViewer Arcona

The video demonstrates works with mocap data of the land parcel location, data of the owners, and with simplified content. After launching the application, initializing, connecting to the server and loading the mocap data and content on the land parcel a simulation is started. The borders of hexagons at the testing are outlined in bright blue. Thus, moving around the city with the launched application, you can always determine at which particular site you are and to whom it belongs. The video features seven digital land plots, five of which belong to the Arcona system and they have already installed content that can be viewed in parcel borders only. Two land plots are owned by the user and

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