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Executive summary

Piligrim XXI – one of the first IT startups working on the international market of augmented reality for the travel industry. We develop a global grid of Outdoor AR parks offering tourists an amazing experience, combining their real trip with the time travel. The service is aimed at the mass market and adapts to any modification of low cost augmented reality headsets. Therefore, using a mid-range smartphone anyone can travel to the past and see, in real time and with their own eyes, missing architectural masterpieces and the most emblematic historical events.


Milestones: 2014 Opened the World’s first outdoor AR park - "Ludza Castle." It increased by 30% the flow of tourists in the region, attracting more than 60,000 tourists/year. Microsoft Seed Fund grant, Accelerations: Intel, Google, Faber Novel. 2015: TOP 10 world startups on “Future en Seine”, Paris, France. We began to develop our own Computer Vision system. 2016: Exit from «Pre-seed Investment Fund» through the sale of our stake to the Spanish company The Next Big Wow, S.L. We began to develop a platform for remote positioning of geolocated augmented reality content for mobile devices.  2017: we already have 8 AR outdoor parks in 6 countries: Russia, France, Latvia, Italy, Estonia and Bulgaria.


Company’s Goal: Development and monetization of GLOBAL Augmented Reality Grid based on our own platform for remote positioning of geolocated augmented reality content for mobile devices, meaning virtual content, integrated in the real terrain, with accurate geographic coordinates, on the Planet surface without using any markers or GPS.


Marketing strategy: Global Augmented reality grid setting up – an ecosystem, uniting the physical and virtual  worlds into a single augmented reality environment. Global AR GRID is designed for everyday user interactive experience with augmented, virtual and mixed reality multimedia content. The augmented reality environment is available through a free ARViewer, installed on the user's mobile device.  


Problem: No single tool for broad user audience easy interaction with augmented reality.


Solution: Transformation of the PilgrimXXI platform into the public information space. Into the global layer of augmented reality connecting the physical and virtual worlds anywhere in the world. Free access for a wide range of users to the functions of the software, which allows to change the surrounding augmented reality space on the fly.


Monetization: Sale of ready-to-use territories/spaces of augmented reality, commission on the transaction for each user’s use of the content and sales of special content management tools.


Market: In 2016, the AR market amounted to $ 1 billion, Forecast for 2020: $115 billion. The growth rate is more than 130% per year. The volume of investments in AR for 2016 exceeded $ 1.5 billion. In 2014 - it was $ 250 million.

Competitors: Magic leap, Facebook, Snapchat.

Team: Ilia Korguzalov: CEO, Co-Founder; 15+ years exp. in business development; Project role: project conceptualization and management, design and market research.

Diana Sorina: CMO, Co-Founder; 12+ years exp. in marketing, branding, sales and PR. Project role: marketing and sales.

Tatiana Chernih: CЕO, Co-Founder; 12+years exp. journalism and PR. Project role: PR, HR research.

Daniel Girdea: Investor; 6+ years exp. working and investing in Real Estate & construction business. Project role: Business development manager.

Nikolai Melnyk: Investor;10+years exp. in advertising, sales/commercial, export managing. Project role:Business development manager.

Igor Rozhdestvensky Co-Founder; PhD in Physics, Theoretical&mathematical;IT and Entrepreneurship 20+ years exp.; Project role: Mentor.


Technical staff: CTO, Unity developer, computer vision engineer, 3d artists (3 people).

on television

pictures for press

Old Nesebar Eleusa Church Reconstruction
2016-06-23 19-06-47 Screenshot
2016-06-23 18-47-34 Screenshot
2016-06-23 18-42-57 Screenshot
2016-06-23 18-40-27 Screenshot
2016-06-23 18-36-15 Screenshot
2016-06-23 19-06-47 Screenshot
2016-03-27 17-40-56 Скриншот экрана
2016-03-27 17-40-56 Скриншот экрана_edited

augmented reality parks 2014-2017

Ludza Video
Road of Life

Narva Battle augmented reality park

Launched May 2017

Location: Narva ( Estonia) , Ivangorod ( Russia) 

Old Nessebar - augmented realituy park

Launched Jun 2016

Lacation: Nessebar, Bulgaria

"The Ice Road of Life" 

Launched: January 2016

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia


"The Road of Life" augmented reality application is an integral reconstruction of the defense of St-Petersburg (former Leningrad) during IIWW.

Pompeyscope- augmented reality park

Launched: March 2016

Location: Pompeii, Italy


In march 2016 we launch the application "Pompeyscope". This outdoor interactive museum will show an integral reconstruction of the Forum area of this famous Roman city in its last days and its destruction by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.


Aurora Battleship of Revolution - augmented reality park

Launched: July 2015

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

The residents and visitors of St. Petersburg can not only see the legendary cruiser "Aurora" (1917) in augmented reality (the original is now away for repairs), but also shoot with its entire weaponry

Noble family estate Altun - augmented reality park

Launched: December 2014

Customer: Hotel Altun LTD

Location: Pushkin mountains region, Russia

PiligrimXXI has virtually rebuilt the complex of unique architectural structures of the early 20th century noble family estate named “Altun”, completely destroyed during the World War II

La Bastille - augmented reality park

Launched: July 2015

Location: Paris, France

The visitors of the Bastille square can download an app allowing to reconstruct the events of July, 14, 1879, marking the tipping point of the French revolution – seizure and bringing down of the Bastille fortress

World’s first outdoor AR park - "Ludza Castle"

Launched: May 2014

Customer: Latgale Region Development Agency

Location: Ludza castle, Latvia

•first project realized by PiligrimXXI

•60 000 views during the first year

•tourist flow to the site increased by 30% (data provided by the administration of Ludza town)

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