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Arcona made  several versions of the initial content of the AR playgrounds

We remind you that Arcona has announced a creative competition for 3D artists. The works of the winners will be included in the collection of pre-installed content and available to all landowners of the ecosystem.

Our team made several versions of the initial content of the playgrounds - AR \ VR portals, prepared for the launch of the world of augmented reality Arcona. These are topics such as "Wonderland", "Steampunk", "Futuristic", "Gambling"

We would like to change the urban environment, filling it with unexpected adventures in a nearby street, where everyone can get a 100% exciting experience of total immersion in fantastic worlds!

Here you can feel like a small Alice in Wonderland, jump into the past or the future, look into the parallel world.

For those who would like to get access to a location with rather mature content, they can have fun with the support of our lovely virtual hostesses in a digital casino.

Starting content will help to quickly attract users to the parcels of landowners, will provide an opportunity to organize business in the world of Arcona.

We have prepared thematic sets of attractive interactive 3D objects that can be used entirely and separately.

In addition to the gaming zone, each portal will include a system for accepting payments and donations, a showroom and boutique zone, billboards for connecting online advertising campaigns.

The kit will include message boards that can be directly lease directly from the mobile application. So visitors to your land will be able to share their ads by uploading pictures directly from the smartphone gallery.

We propose to use our content as references in order to present the quality we expect from competitive entries. Links to videos below

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