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The internal tests of the user application ARViewer Arcona

The video demonstrates works with mocap data of the land parcel location, data of the owners, and with simplified content.

After launching the application, initializing, connecting to the server and loading the mocap data and content on the land parcel a simulation is started.

The borders of hexagons at the testing are outlined in bright blue. Thus, moving around the city with the launched application, you can always determine at which particular site you are and to whom it belongs.

The video features seven digital land plots, five of which belong to the Arcona system and they have already installed content that can be viewed in parcel borders only.

Two land plots are owned by the user and are opened to the placement of content. In our case, these are airplanes. After installation, the position of the content is saved on the server, and, as you can see, is displayed only on land plot.

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