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Arcona XR Metaverse has joined the NVIDIA Inception program.

As part of the partnership, all members of the NVIDIA Inception program will be able to use ArconaCore software solutions to integrate their business into the WEB.3.

Arcona specializes in augmented reality (AR) solutions for businesses and users. The company's core product is independent AR platform with open infrastructure. A full-cycle SaaS for content management, interacting and orienting of the content in mixed reality space. ArconaCore platform utilizes computer vision and machine learning to provide highly accurate AR experiences that are aligned with the physical environment.

Augmented reality projects will be able to supplement their solutions with new features of remote positioning, low-cost spatial mapping and content management.

In addition to its core AR platform, Arcona also offers a range of development services to help businesses integrate AR into their operations.

Companies developing their business in industries such as Gaming, Real Estate, Healthcare, Defense and others will be able to develop their projects not only online, as well as transfer them to XR Space around the world, and offer the product visualisation service to real traffic on the “street”, without developing their own mobile applications, but using already deployed AroconaCore infrastructure.

The NVIDIA Inception program opens up the possibility of cooperation with leading industry players and will help integrate with Omniverse XR. This is a revolutionary platform for generating and streaming 3D content. It is based on the Universal Scene Description (USD) framework and will allow our users to create their own 3D scenes in real time.

- Synergy with ready-made solutions from NVIDIA is another step towards mass adoption of AR - Arcona co-founder Daniil Girdea comments on the partnership. This is NVIDIA CloudXR - a tool for immersive streaming of complex graphics to mobile AR/VR devices via Wi-Fi and 5G. This is NVIDIA RTX full ray tracing graphics technology that gives virtual models maximum realism. The platform runs on a single Open XR standard and is compatible with most headsets, which speeds up the adaptation of Arcona to top-end AR glasses.

And finally, NVIDIA Omniverse is an open extensible platform already used by tens of thousands of artists and more than 700 companies, including BMW Group, CannonDesign, Epigraph, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Sony Pictures... And we are confident that Arcona will become a universal platform for them to demonstrate commercial and copyright projects in the real world.


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