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Key advantages of Arcona

Arcona is focused on remote positioning of virtual content and lowering the threshold of entering the AR market by making it faster and cheaper.

Arcona Core is more than a development framework like ARCore or ARKit, but a fully-featured ecosystem which allows the creation of AR experiences without coding - AR content can be placed remotely, using just a web browser.

Arcona solution is an independent cross-platform and not tied to Google or Apple services - the core library is written in C++ and 3D/UI module is based on Unity.

Additionally, the core library is designed with shared/multi-user AR approach in mind, provides both outdoor/indoor usage scenarios, and works in low-light conditions.

Key components/advantages of Arcona:

  • VIO/SLAM, based on sensor fusion of image data with IMU and GPS - performs accurate positioning and distance measuring using sensor data of smartphones and other commodity hardware;

  • cloud-based geo-information system with fast algorithms of creating digital plots anywhere in the world and assigning virtual content to them;

  • cloud-based feature-map/relocalization system which utilizes sensor data collected during user sessions or taken from publicly available datasets. This allows us to eliminate GPS inaccuracy and provide shared AR experience by using visual recognition and geometry alignment.

  • as an extension of the feature map system, we can create dense 3D models for visualization, passing the data which we collected and aligned to photogrammetry software like Photoscan/Metashape.


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