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“Sky Armada: Battle for Air Superiority!”

🔤 “Sky Armada: Battle for Air Superiority!”

🔤 We bring you a unique opportunity to acquire Sky Galleons airships for your army in Arcona meta-reality!

🔤 These powerful fighting units will allow you to attack opponent’s castles from above, managing from 20 up to 300 fighters of the boarding crew simultaneously!

🔤 Battle dragons, participate in daily tournaments, and obtain gold and silver!

🔤 It’s time to capture air superiority in Arcona!

🔤 Promotion terms:

Up to 70% off when you purchase 50 x 50 in Gold and USDC.

Free delivery for orders of 1,000 gold or more.

Possibility to exchange goods within 7 days.

The promotion ends on December 3!

🔤 Combat properties table of ships is available on the portal.

8️⃣ It will be possible to assemble boarding teams after next updating the metareality


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