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The great list of cities of Arcona AR World

We are pleased to publish a list of cities in Russia and the World in which the digital lands of Arcona AR World are located. In each of these locations you can see the digital content of Arcona. Few day ago the first representatives of the animal world have already appeared in the world.

A little earlier appeared alien flora, battle drones, crystals and craters. By May 9 Victory Day , tanks participating in the digital parade in central squares will appear in these cities. After the next release, you can collect the found system content, rent for a symbolic amount of land in your city to place items from your inventory. One of the innovations will be the ability to install billboards on your lands of various formats that you can use for sale to place advertising content. Do not forget to install the mobile application, put 5 stars and leave enthusiastic comments on the AppStore =)


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