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The famous Hollywood startup Magic Leap announced a reduction in staff and half of the employees today were fired from the company. However, anyone who is not discouraged and is ready to share his talents not only with corporations but also with people around the world, the Arcona Augmented Reality Metaverse will donate digital lands in the augmented reality world anywhere in the world.

Early having become one of the notable phenomena in the augmented reality market, Magic Leap collected annual tribute from venture funds and withdrew the lion's share of investments from the market in order to create from the most promising and long-awaited devices for demonstrating augmented reality. Magicleap Using its incredible financial capabilities, it attracted the most talented employees from around the world. So today is not such a sad day as it might seem. We can say that a huge number of people came to the world who received the most incredible experience in creating the most advanced and amazing things. Arсona will be glad to offer each of these talented men and women who are willing to share their knowledge and talent not only with corporations but with people all over the world a special gift! The team of Arcona creates a support fund and is ready to donate digital lands in the world of augmented reality anywhere in the world. MagicLeap previously announced work on a similar project - the world of augmented reality for theyirs ecosystem by magicleap devices . The work has just begun and we think that it will take as much time and money as the development of augmented reality glasses. The world of augmented reality Arcona is already working and access to it can be obtained anywhere in the world.


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