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Coming soon: your own guardian angel

Remember the childhood: the evening comes, you go to bed, parents turn off the light and close the door. And it begins the scariest part. Suddenly you hear a quiet rustle under the bed, then the curtain moves and a wardrobe suspiciously creaks ... You have to call mom to chase away awful monsters!

Our children are lucky much more. Very soon they will have a charming guardian angel in their smartphones. It was created by a team of Piligrim XXI specifically for little users to help them fall asleep and have sweet dreams.

This app - is something new for the company. At this time developers departed from their usual format of ar-parks for travelers and created a very cute game for kids 4-6 years. Each kid will have his own guardian angel, which will live in a fairy house. In the evenings the angel will flit around the room of his little friend and driving away the night monsters.

The first release of the application is expected in the next week.

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