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The “Narva battle” app

This fall the roar of cannon fire will spread over the waters of the Narva river once again. Two towers will fight each other. The outcome of the battle will depends of you!

The game “Narva battle” in augmented reality promises to be the biggest and unexpected project of Piligrim XXI. The plot will unfold across two fortresses - Narva and Ivangorod. Impressive artistic reconstruction, created by history of the Northern war, takes you to the beginning of the XVIII century. At that time it fought two armies under the command of great generals of Peter I and Charles XII. You will be able to fight for Swedish troops at Estonian territory. But if you wont to defend Russian lend you will be able to join the legendary Semenov regiment.

in the "Narva battle" app you will discover many interesting things: exciting game's story, authentic historic atmosphere, the ability to shoot from old artillery shells and fascinating story about the events of the Northern war. An incredible combination of augmented and virtual reality will allow you to feel like a hero those fateful events.

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