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Lesson in virtual reality

In St. Petersburg on 29 October, started the first class of the Russian history in virtual reality. Grade 10 students with special hats, made a fascinating journey into the harsh past of war, when around Leningrad closed the blockade. The children presented the interactive project "Road of life", developed by Piligrim XXI on the most advanced digital technology. This is a full and reliable historical reconstruction of events that took place in the winter of 1941 on lake Ladoga. The experiment was conducted at the initiative of the head of the municipality "Krasnenkoe river" by Alexander O. Abramenko, on the basis of the local secondary school №264. The idea was supported by deputies of the Municipal Council, representatives of the youth movement "Generation Z". Coordinator of the project was the St. Petersburg company "Height". Trial lesson was very successful for them, said Alexander Abramenko, followed by the launch of a large-scale program of introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process. The leader of the youth movement "Generation Z" Rinat Evstigneev told how the idea was born to conduct virtual lessons. "Our tourism project is directly linked with this technology. We show a panorama of the historic centre of St. Petersburg, shot by a drone - a flying drone. Video can be viewed through virtual reality glasses in the format 360 degrees. It's an incredible sight, which makes a great impression on users. And to offer this experience to students during the course of the story, in my opinion, very interesting and useful. Acquainted with the works of the company Piligrim XXI, we realized that in tandem will be able to create a truly innovative educational solutions." "Through the use of virtual reality and special helmets in the lesson, the children felt direct participants in the construction and defence of the military route, - said creative Director of Piligrim XXI Ilya Korguzalov. - They saw the famous caravans of trucks with goods and people going to the mainland, watching the divers and controllers, scenes of aerial combat and volleys of antiaircraft guns. In short, to immerse themselves in the authentic atmosphere of those legendary days. We initially sought to make the reconstruction as accurate as possible. The project was created at the initiative of the Museum and memorial complex "Road of life". The story we wrote together with specialists of the Museum, studying archival materials by looking at whole pictures and documentary footage, talking to witnesses. I am sure that such bright slot format of presenting information is particularly relevant for educational programs because it makes difficult for the child's perception of military history more interesting and memorable."


About "Generation Z"

This new interregional youth social movement that promotes the development of human potential. The organization operates on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region and aims to unite representatives of the new generation for the benefit of the harmonious development of society and the state. "Generation Z" is implementing projects in the field of innovation, environment, sports, youth entrepreneurship, civic and Patriotic education, etc.

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