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Russian troops attacked the Swedes again on the border with Estonia!

Piligrim XXI, Russian start-up - AR time portals creator, has released an exciting historical action-game in virtual and augmented reality.

Narva Battle is an incredible opportunity to find yourself in the center of the battle between the Narva and Ivangorod fortress and try yourself as an artilleryman during the Northern War. Each player will be able to influence the result of an international tournament on the border of Russia and Europe.

"The Narva Battle App is the next step in the development of our network of virtual and augmented reality parks," says Piligrim XXI CEO Ilya Korguzalov. - We made the main emphasis on interaction, so you’ll be able to have live interaction with the characters. The game turned out to be very atmospheric: you are on a fortress tower, taking very active part in the battle, missiles explode and guns rumble around you, the military frigates are burning and drowning on the river, the flame of the fire is very close. Your task is to pull yourself together and make an artillery attack, commanding your own guns. The accuracy of your brave bombardier-gunners will define the outcome of the battle, and you will be responsible for the score of your team and the fate of the castle, which you are defending!"

The game was created based on real events that took place on the banks of the Narva River at the beginning of the XVIII century. Here in 1700 Peter I challenged Charles XII, besieging the Narva Castle, but the Swedish army, which did not know the defeats, routed the Russian army. And four years later the Russian Emperor took a brilliant revenge on the Swedes.

However, the end of the game Narva Battle has not yet been determined, and only you are determining who will win today under the walls of the Narva fortress. The tournament account is already open. Choose your castle and join the battle, the great confrontation between Russia and Europe. We sum up the results of the tournament at the end of 2017".

Narva Battle is a completely new product in the market of mobile AR / VR games. It does not require professional equipment, only your smartphone, the simplest AR | VR helmet or even an ordinary cardboard and joystick. So now any user can travel in time, and discover all the amazing possibilities of augmented and virtual reality. "


IOS - coming soon!

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