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Arcona | Augmented Reality World

Arcona® Metaverse

2020, Piligrim XXI launched the global AR Arcona® metauniverse for all of our users. The world of Arcona Metaverse is a space where each of you can create your own interactive projects and place them remotely anywhere in the world.

To deploy a full-fledged AR attraction in downtown Tokyo, an advertising campaign in New York, or an online boutique in Paris, you don't need to master the most complex technologies, travel to the other side of the world, or hire a team of expensive programmers. All you have to do is find a suitable area of Digital Landand place the necessary content on it - literally on the fly, without getting up from the couch.

An innovative product in the AR / VR / XR market.

Arcona® - a global augmented reality (AR) layer on the planet's surface. An AR layer is a network of hexagonal areas - the Digital Land® - anchored to geographic coordinates. Each hexagon of Digital Land is a ready-made location for remote content posting.

Sharing spatial data

Arcona uses user mobile devices to collect geospatial data to create a point cloud. The point cloud is used both to accurately link digital content with the real landscape, and to create 3D models of the location. A 3D model of the real world is used for remote control of content in virtual reality.

Competitive advantage

Arcona opened public access to the augmented reality layer in January 2020, and made augmented reality technology cheap and accessible to everyone. The solution has no analogues in the world. Similar developments, not brought to the implementation stage, were acquired in early 2020 by Facebook and Niantic developer Pokémon Go

A functioning ecosystem with a digital economy..

Arcona is an active digital ecosystem, social network and P2P market for AR / VR / XR content consumers and producers. To create your own project in the World of Augmented Reality, you only need a piece of Digital Land that can be purchased or rented for a while.


Anyone without programming or 3D modeling skills can create their own augmented reality project. The author of the project can, without getting up from the couch, place digital content anywhere in the world, linking it with the real landscape. Every user with a mobile device will be able to see this project in the real world at the same time.

Results and implementation experience

Sold - over 1,200,000 m2.

12,000 auctions were held in the TOP 10 megacities of the world

More than 2,000 paying users.

More than 15,000 registered



Piligrim XXI - in the international AR market since 2013,

TOP 50 in Russian Startup Rating - the highest rating (ААА),

TOP 10 world startups on “Future en Seine” France.


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