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time machine in your pocket



Исследования осуществляются "Piligrim XXI" при грантовой поддержке Фонда "Сколково"


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Digital Victory Day  Parade
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The digital tanks with red stars will stand solemnly on May 9 in European capitals liberated by the Soviet army, as well as in 1,100 cities of Russia.

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about company 

Piligrim XXI – one of the first IT startups working on the international market of augmented reality for the travel industry. We develop a global grid of Outdoor AR parks offering tourists an amazing experience, combining their real trip with the time travel. The service is aimed at the mass market and adapts to any modification of low cost augmented reality headsets. Therefore, using a mid-range smartphone anyone can travel to the past and see, in real time and with their own eyes, missing architectural masterpieces and the most emblematic historical events.

2014 - Opened the World’s first outdoor AR park - "Ludza Castle." It increased by 30% the flow of tourists in the region, attracting more than 60,000 tourists/year. Microsoft Seed Fund grant, Accelerations: Intel, Google, Faber Novel.

2015 - TOP 10 world startups on “Future en Seine”, Paris, France. We began to develop our own Computer Vision system.

2016 - Exit from «Pre-seed Investment Fund» through the sale of our stake to the Spanish company The Next Big Wow, S.L. We began to develop a platform for remote positioning of geolocated augmented reality content for mobile devices.

2017 - We already have 8 AR outdoor parks in 6 countries: Russia, France, Latvia, Italy, Estonia and Bulgaria. 

2018 The first phase development of the project Arcona - Metauniverse of augmented reality that combines real and virtual worlds, creating a unique layer of augmented reality on the entire surface of the planet



AR - Augmented Reality

CV - Computer Vision

PR - Pattern Recognition

SLAM - Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

AI - Artificial Intelligence


OCR - Optical Character Recognition

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augmented and  virtual reality projects


meet the team

Ilia Korguzalov 


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Diana Sorina

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Tatiana Chernik

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Nicolas Melnyk

Business development

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Daniil Girdea
Business development

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Igor Rozdestvensky

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our partners


team blog

August 4, 2019

We remind you that Arcona has announced a creative competition for 3D artists. The works of the winners will be included in the collection of pre-installed content and  available to all landowners of the ecosystem.

Our team  made  several versions of the initial content...

August 4, 2019

 Create art objects, original interactive scenes, characters for the world of Arcona!  We accept your work until August 18th.

Three winners of the competition will be determined by direct voting of the project community.

The project of the winners will be included i...

August 4, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the Arcona metaverse Digital land has been fully adapted for full-fledged trading on the peer to peer market of OpenSea with the active support of this leading NFT exchange .

Now it’s easier to buy, trade and bet on both unique plots and...

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contact us

Spain:     +34661849960

Israel:     +972542800334

Russia:   +79118464979

UK:         +447935799962