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Piligrim XXI in the review of ruine tourism

Manу Russian regions want to solve the proble of increasing the attractiveness of their areas, and besides this task includes the need to get rid of old buildings, pf abandoned factories and military facilities. The administration and the private owners do not often have resources for the demolition of such objects, and when they prefer constantly to postpone the recovery process of these territories, waiting for help from the wealthy investors or help of federal target programs.

However, like not stange, the ruins can be a very attractive tourist destination and revitalize the territories, including the economic side of the issue. The best examples can be considered Roman Coliseum, Greek Athens, Crimean Hersonissos. All of this is a beautiful legend, and therefore the right work with public relations of historical events can make the old object attractive tourist destination. The Piligrim XXI continues a list of examples of such places.

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